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Week of February 23, 2009

Sara HortonBy Sara Horton

Newspapers and magazines generally align text in columns with full justification.  Fully justified text is clean and easily readable because each line begins at the same vertical location and ends at the same vertical boundary.  There are no ragged edges on the left or the right side. Using text boxes and a keyboard shortcut, you can create fully justified text on your scrapbook pages, too.

Step 1) Type inside a text box

Begin by opening a scrapbook page the size of your choice. Get the Horizontal Type tool.

In the Options Bar, select the font name, size and color from the drop-down menus.


Click and drag out a text box the size and shape you’d like the text to follow. This is an important step because Photoshop uses the box boundaries to determine where to break the text for alignment.

Begin typing your journaling. The text will fill the box as you type. You will not have to press the Enter key to begin the next line. Photoshop will use the text box to do that for you.

Step 2) Align the text

When your text is complete, click and drag the cursor over the words to highlight them. Next, press Ctrl + Shift + J (Mac: Cmd + Shift + J) to justify the text.


Your text will line up evenly on both the left and right sides of the box for a clean, neat appearance. Click the checkmark in the Options bar to confirm the change.

In Photoshop, you can also align the highlighted text by clicking the Toggle the Character and Paragraph Palettes icon in the Options Bar.  When the palette opens, select the Paragraph tab.  You’ll find a row of seven icons across the top of the Paragraph Palette. The last four icons can be used to justify the text. 


The icon on the far right fully justifies the text. The other three justify all text except the last line of your journaling. These options allow you to choose how Photoshop will handle the last line of text: aligned right, aligned right or centered. Determine which option is right for you by looking at the sample on the icon or hovering your cursor over the icon to read the description. Click the icon to justify your highlighted text.


Credits: Scrapbook page by Sara Horton
Font: Type Right!
Art Class Layered Template No. 2 by Katie Pertiet at Designer Digitals
Sedona Page Kit by Dana Zarling at Designer Digitals

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