If you are having challenges playing the movies

The movies in this training program are delivered as QuickTime video, which is fully supported in all major browsers. If you are having trouble getting the movies to play there could be a couple of reasons.

Internet Explorer may block movie content

Because Windows users have been faced with increasing malicious software attacks via the internet, Microsoft has made revisions to Internet Explorer that may keep active content such as movies from playing properly when Internet Explorer first opens. If this happens, click on the warning bar at the top of the browser window and follow the prompts to allow active content. Then the videos should play.

You might also want to try playing the training videos in a different browser

If Internet Explorer is not working well, you might try running the interface in Firefox or Safari. Firefox is a free browser you can download at mozilla.com. It is an outstanding browser that doesn’t have many of the roadblocks inherent in Internet Explorer.

Safari is another outstanding browser that works natively with QuickTime. It may be downloaded for free from www.apple.com/safari and runs well on both Mac and Windows platforms.

To run the training program in Firefox or Safari, right-click on the Start Here icon and choose “Open with...” from the contextual menu. Click on Firefox or Safari and the interface should open.

QuickTime may not be installed or may need to be updated

QuickTime must be installed in order to play the videos. If you don’t have QuickTime, or need to update it, you may download it from www.apple.com/quicktime/. When you install QuickTime you may be prompted to enter a registration number, but it is only needed for the Pro version of QuickTime and is not required. You may leave the registration number field blank and proceed with your QuickTime update or installation.

Once QuickTime is installed, if you’re still having trouble seeing the videos try opening and closing one of the menus at the top of your browser. Sometimes this will fix the problem.

Some Windows computers may have trouble with QuickTime because of incompatibilities between QuickTime and certain audio and video cards. You can force QuickTime to be more compatible with many of these cards by changing the settings in the QuickTime Control Panel. Go to Start > Control Panels (Classic Mode) and double click the QuickTime icon. Check the Safe-mode boxes in both the Audio and Advanced tabs and then close the QuickTime control panel.

If you are still having challenges with either the sound or video on my tutorials, the other solution is to download a free video player called Video Lan Controller, or VLC. VLC will play almost any video format (including commercial DVDs), and should play QuickTime files flawlessly even when QuickTime is being buggy. You’ll need to open VLC, choose File > Open, and then navigate to the tutorial you want to view. The individual movie files are in video_support_files > movies, and can be watched individually. You can also right-click on the tutorial file you want and choose Open With > VLC from the contextual menu.

I hope you enjoy these lessons. May they open up a whole new world of creativity to you!

Love & scrapbooking success,

Linda Sattgast