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Week of August 6, 2007

Type Tool Tip
by Linda Sattgast

When you create word art, you often place different kinds of type very close to each other. Here, for example, I typed the word "Summer," and now I want to put the phrase, "Fun in the Sun" over the top of it.

Type Tool Tip

If I click near the word "Summer" to start my second text block, Photoshop or Photoshop Elements will assume I want to activate the word summer, and will insert the type tool there instead of starting a new text block.

There are two ways to avoid that (one way may come as a surprise to you).

You may already be familiar with the first way: Move far enough away that you don't end up in another text block. Then, while the type is still active, move the mouse away from the type until your cursor turns into a Move tool symbol. Click and drag your type to the new location over the other type.

The second way is to press Shift as you click to start a new line of text. You can be directly above another word, and you'll still get a new text layer, if you press Shift as you click with the Type tool.

Note: If you click and drag a text box while pressing Shift, you'll still be able to type on top of another piece of type, but your text box will be constrained to a perfect square. Just let go of the mouse and then drag the text box out to the dimensions you want.

Type Tool Tip

What happens when one text box is above the other one, and you want to select the lower text to make a change? The upper type will be selected. Here are two ways to avoid selecting the type on top:

Click on the eye of the top type layer to make it invisible. Now you can click and drag to highlight the lower type OR leave both layers visible and simply double click on the thumbnail of the type layer you want selected.

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