Tip of the Week Question

Week of May 14, 2007

by Linda Sattgast

Tip of the Week Question:

"When I put a shadow around a piece of torn paper on one layer, it appeared around one of my other pieces of paper also. I can't figure out why."

Two possibilities to this dilemma come to mind. First, it's possible that this person accidentally created both pieces of paper on one layer.

Here's another idea, though, that isn't as evident at first glance. It's possible that the piece of torn paper is larger than the document itself, or at least that you've moved it so that it extends beyond the boundaries of the document.

When you cut away part of the paper to make a torn edge and then add a drop shadow, you'll see a shadow along the edge of your document in the area you cut away. It may look like it's coming from another layer, but it's actually coming from the part of the paper on the same layer that is outside the document. Here's how to fix it:

Press Cmd + A to put a selection around your entire document.
Choose "Image > Crop" from the Menu Bar.
Deselect (Cmd + D).

If my theory is correct, your shadow should disappear because cropping the image in this way gets rid of everything outside the boundaries of your document.

By the way, if you suspect that there's something hanging outside the edge of your document, choose "Image > Reveal All" in Adobe Photoshop or "Image > Resize > Reveal All" in Photoshop Elements.


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