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028 Pencil sketch

These instructions work for either Adobe Photoshop Elements or Adobe Photoshop.



You can turn a photo into a pencil sketch or
pen and ink drawing by following these steps:



Duplicate the photo layer by clicking on it and dragging it down onto the New Layer icon at the bottom of the Layers palette.

 Turn this layer into black and white by pressing “Control + Shift + U” for Windows or “Command + Shift + U” for Mac.  
 Duplicate the black and white layer by dragging it down onto the New Layer icon. Your Layers palette should look like this with the top layer selected.  

Invert the top layer by pressing “Control + I” for Windows or “Command + I” for Mac. Your photo will look like a negative.

 Click on the Blend Mode Menu at the top left of the Layers Palette and choose Color Dodge. This makes your image turn white or almost all white.  

To get the sketch effect, choose “Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blue.” (You can also try other types of blur such as Motion blur.)


A large amount of blur will give you a pencil drawing effect with thicker lines and shading.



A smaller amount of blur will give you a light pencil sketch effect, which is what I’ll choose here.

 Click okay and then choose “Merge down” from the Layers palette flyout menu.  

If you duplicate your sketch layer and change the Blend Mode of the new layer to “Linear Burn,” you’ll get more of a pen and ink look.


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